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Excellence in Health and Safety complience

Regulations require employers to provide employees with health and safety information and training – supplemented, as necessary, with more specific information and training on manual handling injury risks and prevention.

Our courses provide an ideal approach to safer and more effective manual handling that not only meet HSE recommendations, but also promote safe practice in any given situation.

  • Accredited national qualifications

  • Training that complies with statutory legislation

customized ​learning 
Different Students require different approaches to learning and we always strive to accommodate individual learners requirements in order to enhance their learning experience.


All courses include a comprenesive student training pack
All of our courses are supported by a comprehensive illustrated training pack which is included in your training costs.
Different students 
require different learning enviroments

If your staff can’t make it to a scheduled training course or you want to train a team of staff across your company we can come to you.

A cost effective way of training your team in workplace compliance qualifications conveniently at your own premises.

  • Our courses are usually priced on a per delegate basis however, an all-inclusive training price covering everything for up to 12 delegates can be negotiated for group bookings.
  • We can spread the course over a number of sessions to suit your needs.

  • Plan your training with a time and date that fits your organisational needs.

  • Training together can be a team building experience, giving you the time and opportunity to review policies and procedures relevant to your organisation.

All First Aid courses are independently verified and accredited at Level 5 or level 6 SQA

We offer a wide range of first aid courses assessed at level 5 and 6 SQA (Scotland) including First Aid at Work (FAW), Emergency First Aid (EFAW), Activity First Aid, Paediatric First Aid and Defibrillation

Many more courses available upon request

If you require any  information on the courses we provide or would like us to arrange training that is bespoke to your individual needs, please contact us to discuss how we may help.

In The News
Red Cross ends first aid service to spend more on emergency help

The British Red Cross is to stop providing first aid at events as part of a cost-cutting drive, the charity has announced.

In a break from decades of tradition, the charity said it will instead focus on directing funds to other parts of its operations such as crisis support.


 Evening Standard; Oct 24, 2019

First aid lessons begin in schools ahead of roll-out

Trials of first aid lessons in English schools begin this month, with the classes becoming compulsory from 2020.

A total of 1,600 schools from around the country are taking part.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said the new health curriculum would give every child "the chance to learn life-saving skills".

BBC News; Sept 12, 2019

A Third Of UK Adults Not Confident Enough To Perform CPR – Are You One Of Them?

One in three UK adults would be unlikely to perform CPR if they saw someone suffer a cardiac arrest, according to new figures released to mark Restart a Heart Day – because they don’t feel confident enough.


Huffpost; Oct 16, 2018

Scottish cardiac arrest resuscitation rates rise

More Scots are being successfully resuscitated following a cardiac arrest, according to Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) figures.

Over the last six months, an average of 66% of patients whose arrests were witnessed by ambulance crews were alive on arrival at hospital after treatment.

SAS said the "fantastic" results followed the introduction of new "models of care"


BBC News; Oct 16, 2017


"Effective training & much better than my initial  

training, especially the practical parts."

— Annon, Social Care Worker

"I felt that the training was very beneficial & was delivered extremely well."

— Annon, Nurse


— Annon, Community Nurse

"The trainer was very good, he gave lots of examples of his own real life experiences & I learnt a lot of new information."

"Very good course, I will need to make sure all of my team attend this training. Very well presented & informative."

— Annon, Senior Social Care Worker

"Really enjoyed the course, the trainer was very knowledgeable & supportive providing real life examples which helped my learning."

— Annon, Carer

"Thank you, explained everything very well, good use of personal experiences made all it very logical."

— Annon, Support Worker

" Excellent training, I felt very comfortable throughout the course. 

Great trainer, nice guy."

"Very well presented, clear, concise & enjoyable. Excellent learning experience. Many thanks."

— Annon, Nurse

— Annon, Senior Healthcare Manager

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